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Why Our Children Can't Read  

Dr. Benjamin Johnson
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According to Bruce Deitrick Price, our children have trouble reading because at school they are taught to memorize the words (100,000 sight words), rather than sounding them out phonetically.

I believe that the problem goes deeper than blaming the school system.  I believe that reading has taken a second, third or fourth seat to phones, tablets, computers and television.  Electronic babysitting has been expanded exponentially as parents become more and more distracted by surviving in this digital, stay-at-home world. Mem Fox has an elegant solution: read to your young children and read with your older children. Then set the example and engage your youth in conversations about what you have read and what they have read. 

For example, when I was a child, I loved taking trips with my parents because my father always had my mother read mysteries about the Rabi investigator by Harry Kemelman, the Hercule Poirot who dun it's by Agatha Christie or even C.S. Lewis and the Screwtape Letters.  What I have seen happen in many of my children's family trips is the parents drive and listen to music, and the kids watch movies, play games on tablets or phones.  When I was a child, admittedly, we didn't have the electronics, but because of the magic of reading that my parents shared with me, I read.  Electronics won't do that for your children.

So what do you think about why children struggle to read?