I heard from my children, “Don’t judge my friends by how they dress.” “Sure, they could be really nice people dressed in wolves’ clothing.” I’d respond.  Then the lecture…”My experience is that you only get one chance to make a first impression and if you want to make a statement about who you are, then choose the clothing that matches.”  This is what works for books as well.

So here is the point of my blog today.  Judging a book by its cover.  We all do it, all the time.  That’s what branding is for: to show us what’s inside before we buy.  I worked with my editor and I think I got the cover of my new book right.  Ok, we nailed it!

I wanted a book cover that was bright, engaging, and inclusive.  My book is not just for public school, but colleges, universities, trainers, professional developers, administrators. Basically it is for anyone who is trying to teach, train or present.  This is what this cover communicates by just looking at it.

What’s in the book?  When you read this book, you will find the power to radically increase your effectiveness as an instructor!  Learn the skills of asking supercharged questions.  Save valuable time and energy with laser focused assessment alignment.  Discover how to avoid zombie questions and whole group pitfalls.  Make your presentations effective and memorable!

So, if you want to go further than the cover, you can pre-order the book by clicking below: