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In any learning environment, questioning is the key tool to inspire learning, yet relatively little effort is placed in preparing excellent questions.  Even less attention is given to training educators, presenters, instructors, professors, or trainers on how to prepare and ask effective questions in order to reach the maximum amount of learning for each participant.

Dr. Johnson addresses both of these concerns with the forthcoming book, “Better Questioning for Better Learning: Strategies for Engaged Thinking”  If you are in the business of instruction, training or presenting, then this book is a must read.  It will fundamentally alter your perception of asking questions and radically improve your capacity to promote high levels of learning in face-to-face and online learning situations.

“Better Questioning for Better Learning” should be required reading for instructor preparation courses, professional development and college and universities interested in improving learning.  With Dr. Johnson’s questioning techniques, any instructor will increase engagement, thinking ability and motivation for all learners and participants.

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