Learning Skills Inventory- Child ages 3-8

Answer the following questions and read the descriptions that follow to get an idea of what learning skills your child possesses.


Do you like to draw your own pictures, or color in a coloring book?

¨ 1. Draw my own pictures. ¨ 2. Color in a coloring book

Do you like to watch a movie or read a book?

” 1.watch a movie     ¨ 2. Read a book

Would you prefer to climb a tree, or build a sand castle?

¨ 1. Climb a tree                      ¨ 2. Build a sand castle

Do you play more with Legos or action figures or dolls?

¨ 1. Legos       ¨ 2. Action figures or dolls.

When something is too hard do you get help, or do something else?

¨ 1. Get help  ¨ 2. Do something else

Your friend says that the he can run faster than you.  Do you believe him?

¨ 1. Yes           ¨ 2. Race him to find out

When you have a problem to solve you draw it out or you talk about it?

¨ 1. Draw it out           ¨ 2. Talk about it

You learn best when you try it yourself, or when you watch someone do it?

¨ 1. Watch someone.          ¨ 2. Do it on your own.

You get distracted or pay attention at school?

¨ 1. Pay attention.      ¨ 2. Get distracted.

When you decide what to do, you stick with it to the end, or change your plan easily.?

¨ . Stick with it.            ¨ 2. Change easily.