Fundamental Beliefs of Learning

1. Children Need to Learn

  •  Children have a primal need for learning every day.
  •  Children deserve to see their parents love learning.
  • Children can and will learn if properly motivated.

2. Learning is a Physiological Activity Involving the Whole Body.

  •  Children learn best by doing.
  • Children of all ages learn by moving, singing, dancing, drawing, playing, exploring, discovering, experiencing
  • Children remember a concept when they spend time on it thinking, experimenting, solving and creating.

3. Children Need a Safe Environment and Repetition to Learn

  • Children should be given the tools of learning.
  • Children need timely feedback to improve
  • Children need to understand they won’t get it right the first time. They should be prepared to do it at least three times to obtain mastery.

4. Children Need a Rich Learning Environment

  • Relevant and current information must be at the Parents’ and Children’ fingertips to provide answers when the questions are still fresh.
  • Children need access to books of all types.
  • Children must be proficient in reading, writing, and calculation by the time they are eight. All other learning depends on that.
  • Children should be exposed to all types of learning styles.
  • Technology used appropriately can greatly magnify the Children’s capacity to learn.

As parents seeking for the best education for their child you are faced with very one-sided choices.  Free public schools with dubious learning environments, or expensive private schools.  Take a chance on a charter school, or make huge sacrifices to provide home school.  Yet more and more parents see only one choice…take charge of their children’s education on their own.

Whether you are engaging in a complete home school, or are looking to supplement what you are getting elsewhere, Learning Craft is here to help.  We will guide you on how to help your child reach maximum learning potential.

  • We provide you with strategies to develop the ten essential learning skills in your child in your own home.  
  • We give you resources that propel your child’s learning in interactive, hands-on ways.
  • At Learning Craft join a community of like-minded parents who want more for their children.
  • We give you access to obtain tools and curriculum helps in the Learning Craft Store.
  • We offer personalized consultations, webinars, videos and a weekly newsletter.
  • We provide an evaluation tool to identify the skills that your child needs most.


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